Any breed - does your dog lick their bowl clean?
Having different breeds of dogs in my home, I have observed this.

My Labs lick their bowls clean. Even with scrambled eggs or broth drizzled over their kibble, that bowl practically gleams when they are finished eating. I wish they were as careful about their water bowl manners! They walk away with their mouths open, full of water. You know what I'm talking about.

My Beagles... gleaming after-meal bowls, lovely water bowl manners. They even lick their lips before backing away from the water bowl

My Border Collie and my Lhasa... GAHHHHHH! What do you two DO in those bowls?!? They both leave this residue of God knows what! Saliva, kibble crumbs, a droplet of broth... it all leaves a slime in the post-meal bowl! However, they do have lovely water bowl manners, just as the Beagles. Won't leave the bowl until they have licked the water droplets from their lips.

I wonder why that is?
Nance - Seamus, Flynn
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Just recently two of mine will lick their bowls after the food is gone or go and lick each others bowls.
Dozer eats until his food is gone and then he's done.

Rukus will lick his bowl clean, and then lick his brothers bowl clean too. Tongue
The Labs, yes. Practically polished.

The terrier mix, nope. He almost always leaves some kibble behind (what my Irish grandmother would have called "a little something for the fairies"). He also leaves a nasty crusty residue on the bottom of the dish I have to scrub off.
Sharon, Diesel, Blaise and Rascal
Mya's bowl is polished. Throughout the day she will go back and polish it again JUST in case another kibble sprouted. The water bowl??? I firmly believe labs just want to share the wonderful water with everyone and everything....floor, unsuspecting bare feet just share the love! Big Grin
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(11-20-2013, 08:04 PM)Mary Jane Wrote:  The water bowl??? I firmly believe labs just want to share the wonderful water with everyone and everything....floor, unsuspecting bare feet just share the love! Big Grin

Hahahaha! Oh yes! This is DEFINITELY why they do this!
Nance - Seamus, Flynn
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(11-20-2013, 07:52 PM)rukusanddozer Wrote:  Dozer eats until his food is gone and then he's done.

Rukus will lick his bowl clean, and then lick his brothers bowl clean too. Tongue

That's Buddy and Champ! Champ is the cleaner-upper, Buddy always leaves him a couple of crumbs.
Jackie, Champ, and Buddy
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The labs and Mia(lab mix) lick their bowls clean. Mae only eats everyother day unless she gets wet food...her choice. If its dry she always leaves kibble. If its wet it is shiny clean....which I enjoy because wet food is disgusting,lol. Nance our.beagles also had good manners. Not fast not slow, clean bowls and no kibble outside the bowl either.
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Both of mine lick their bowls clean and then go to each other's bowl to make sure the other didn't leave anything behind. Water bowl is a different story -- cat and Shih Tzhu have very good water bowl manners; the lab has horrible water bowl manners -- half of the water is on the floor and then it keeps dripping from her mouth as she proceeds to walk through the kitchen or the living room.
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Yep, Duke always licks his clean. Then he'll lay down on the carpet and lick his paws like a cat would. Smile
Lois, Floridian transplant from southwestern New Jersey.
Boone eats until the food is gone, then gets a drink of water and licks the food bowl more. We say he is making gravy even though there is nothing left in the bowl. He will wander back later and repeat it, just in case.

When he just gets a drink of water, I wonder if he actully gets any in his tummy...the floor is always wet. Caught myself several times slipping and almost killing myself. Between that and the drool, I always have a rag nearby to wipe up the wetness.
[Image: aea4c1d9-ad78-430a-872b-eec3e4de5920.jpg]Joann and Boone
Both bowls clean and shiny - then they go make sure that the other one has not left any possible little dribble of something edible
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Wanted to add that my very first lab could actually "free-fed" I could put enough food in the bowl for the day and she would take the whole day to eat it - didn't realize how extremely unusual this is!
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Abby & Kate eat every morsel & then lick the bowls. I tell them they are going to lick a hole in the bottom of their bowls.
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georgie, Abby & Kate
Waiting for Santa
June (blond, female lab) eats like she is in a contest for speed. After she is done, she struts away like she is saying, "Yes, I am the winner AGAIN!" Her bowl is very clean. Although, it must not be clean enough, because when J.R is done eating he has to go and lick her bowl even cleaner and then go back to his and lick his again (just in case he missed something).
Robin (Mom to J.R. and Junebug) - San Diego, CA
(11-20-2013, 09:01 PM)Bookwormbiker Wrote:  Yep, Duke always licks his clean. Then he'll lay down on the carpet and lick his paws like a cat would. Smile

Seamus does this! I think it is a lovely behaviour. Smile
Nance - Seamus, Flynn
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Maxx licks the food bowl clean, his mat and the surrounding floor. His water bowl manners are just ridiculous and the water trail has almost killed me a few times.

Emma, (1/2 Lab, 1/2 Border Collie), is the pickiest eater I have ever seen but very dainty and neat when she does eat and she polishes her bowl. She will not drink after Maxx, too much "slime", she has beautiful drinking manners and never a drop on the floor.
Maxx and Emma Jean
Oxford, PA
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Bauer licks the inside, then the outside clean after every meal.

He is also a considerate drinker. He doesn't walk away until he has swallowed every drop.
Debi and Bauer

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Buddy would lick his bowl clean, walk away, come back later and lick it some more. He might do this many times in a day. His water manners were pretty good. He didn't make too bad a mess unless he had been out and came in panting. All bets were off then.
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Nance, I'm so glad you started this -- I've been thinking of posting about how unusual my Puff's eating habits are and asking what others are like.

Background: My first Lab, Bess (AKC, runt, 55 lbs. adult), was a glutton (for more, see "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog" in the Rainbow Bridge section). We had to carefully limit how much Bess was offered because she had no internal sense of limits. Bess had a neck seemingly capable of extending as long as any giraffe's so food on any kitchen counter or table anywhere was always fair game unless under constant adult supervision. And from experience, bags of food from grocery shopping were never safe in the car with her unless she had constant adult supervision or it was locked in the trunk.

And this was definitely not a question of being untrained -- Bess was a brilliant dog and she learned many commands and fantastic maneuvers. But leaving food alone whenever she was unsupervised could never be among them; it was not that we didn't try over and over. Of course Bess licked every platter within reach clean multiple times.

So I was very unprepared for Puff (AKC, runt, 62 lbs. adult). Puff has always self-regulated the amount of food she eats. It made it very easy to adjust her portions as she phased from being a hungry puppy to an adult Lab -- I measured the amount of food I gave her, measured the amount she didn't eat, and adjusted it accordingly.

About 10 years ago, on an early JustLabs forum, I ran a poll asking how many others have Labs that self-regulate their food intake. IIRC, out of about 70 responding, roughly only 10% have Labs that also self-regulate their eating.

For years now, before supper (Puff's one meal served) she starts pestering, nose nudging, and licking me, as reminders it's close to her supper time and to make sure I don't forget. I prepare her dinner: 1 1/2 cups of kibble (373 kcals/cup) resting until sufficiently cooled in about 1 cup of water in which has simmered a golf ball size piece of hamburger (or equivalent of chicken broth and a few small pieces of chicken).

She gets served that around 5:30 PM.

She approaches it, maybe eats a few bites, and then leaves it for an hour or so.

Then she comes back irregularly until about 10 PM by which time she may have eaten half. Often 1/2 - 1/4 is still in her bowl the next morning; Puff may then eat a bite sporadically through the day until evening when her bowl is either clean (or sometimes with a remainder) and her reminding begins again.

BUT, sometimes -- as was true again tonight -- her meal was only half eaten so I threw it out and gave her a fresh supper.

Puff has maintained her weight (62-63 lbs) all her adult life.

Strange but lovable girl. And 100% Lab (well, possibly mixed with a little Guernsey or Jersey dairy cow blood -- often she does love munching on grass periodically which is unrelated to her being sick -- she does not throw it up).

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Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

Bess [BF, AKC bench line (from competing show breeder) 55 lbs., 1967-1981] see "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog" in Rainbow Bridge
Smokey and my Chihuahua mix would both eat themselves sick if allowed to. They both inhale their food like they just know they will never see food again and then lick their bowls sparkling clean.

Smokey has horrendous water bowl manners, he "scoops" water out with his front paws and sometimes puts as much of his head in it as he can...ugh! I admit: it is funny to watch. It is not fun to clean up. Then he shakes his head and water and drool fly!

I am a mean dog mom and got smart to his antics, I give him lesser amounts of water more often rather than a full bowl.

My little dog will not go near Smokey's water mess, she has her own water bowl and she drinks much more lady like than she eats!
Tracey and Smokey

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When Cassie finish her last kibble she comes to me where ever I am and touches her snout on my leg to say "thank you" for the meal. Always. When she drinks water she has good manners too. She drinks slowly with her tongue barely touching the water so she won"t spill any water out of the bowl.

Chester on the other hand, when he finishes his meal, he cleans his bowl by licking it. When he's done he goes to Cassies empty bowl to clean it up by licking it. Then he comes to me for a "thank you" just like Cassie.
When he drinks water he has no manners. He drinks with his snout in the water and water is coming out of the bowl. After he's done, he walks away with plenty of water dropping from his mouth. Then I get the mop.
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Nellie licks her bowl so clean it looks like it has never been used. Munchie either eats nothing or licks it clean depending on her mood. LOL

Water bowl. After drinking it looks like they have taken a bath in the kitchen. Messy messy dogs.
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HA! Frankie licks his bowl clean, after removing and licking clean the nylabone that goes in with his food. Then he proceeds to the kitchen to lick Macy's bowl clean. Macy doesn't do this, she just finishes her food and then comes to me for her after meal cookie. Smile
Califon, NJ
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Teddy and Jefferson both lick their bowls clean, then go lick each others bowls, then go back to their own for one final lick.
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The labs eat with urgency and no manners to speak of, belch, lick their bowls, tumble them down the stairs at time - but you're right, they're always spotless. And yes, blubbering fools at the water bucket.

Nola on the other hand, eats and drinks with the grace of a lady (the only thing she does which can be described as 'Lady-Like') and takes her sweet time to gobble up all but a handful of goods, which she gladly leaves for Rhys, who after devouring his own food, waits ever so impatiently for a morsel or two of Nola's.
Melissa, Rhys, Ruby and the Noodle
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Back in the day...HeartHeart

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Awwww, Shel! Adorable picture!
Melissa - your post made me laugh. Smile
Nance - Seamus, Flynn
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Food bowls spotless. Water bowl habits are horrible. Water pours from Sadie's mouth as she walks away and she just looks at me like "What"????? There's always a dish towel laying on my kitchen floor to wipe up the swimming pool on the floor. People who come to my house regularly know why it's there and don't question why I've got a towel seemingly just laying around on the floor.
Kristen and Sadie
Both Kai and Samm lick their bowls clean. But then Kai goes to Samms bowl to make sure it's clean and then back to his own to double check that he didn't miss something. Then he'll make sure the floor around his bowl is clean. The he looks at me like he hasn't been fed for a week.

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Kai licks her bowl completely clean every time. We give her a glucosamine supplement at night since she is so active, and she will even lick up all of the extra pieces of glucosamine that made their way to the bottom haha. Looks like it's a lab thing. Gotta love it!
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Webster will lick his bowl clean, then look at me like "was that it". His water bowl habits are pretty good he doesnt make too much of a mess at home couple of drops here and there. At my best friends house its a different story. He and Emma, the Greater Swiss Mountain dog, trash the kitchen floor after drinking water. (I think its more Emma, since she always makes a mess, but Webster does help)
i'm lucky my labs don't eat the bowls.
Labs are so enthusiastic about their meal times!!! I wash their stainless steal bowls after each time I feed them, although sometimes it doesn't seem necessary! Hehehehe

Home to Mia, Katy, Ally and Adele

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Dog bowls get licked clean, counters get licked clean, Utley's face gets licked clean. Todd's a lickin fool.
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Debbie, Round Hill, VA
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Yup Scooby is the first dog I have had that I could not get away with free feeding. I usually feed three meals. I stopped free feeding upon last vet check 91lbs. Funny the vet didn't seem concerned. I now have her down to 85lbs. The vet did not seem fazed when she let out a big belch either. She always cleans her bowl.
She drools and slobbers all over the kitchen. The cat doesn't appreciate this either, as she sometime yowls at Scooby. I sure don't recall my GSD doing this. This is why I am surprised about the slobber.
Big Grin
(11-20-2013, 08:39 PM)TeeKay Wrote:  Both of mine lick their bowls clean and then go to each other's bowl to make sure the other didn't leave anything behind. Water bowl is a different story -- cat and Shih Tzhu have very good water bowl manners; the lab has horrible water bowl manners -- half of the water is on the floor and then it keeps dripping from her mouth as she proceeds to walk through the kitchen or the living room.

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